Whether you are traveling or living away from home, Travel MedEvac is the PREMIUM air ambulance membership plan that brings you HOME!

As a Travel MedEvac Member, our guarantee is to take you and your traveling companion ALL THE WAY HOME when you suffer a SERIOUS MEDICAL EMERGENCY (not only critical) while traveling. If your home town doesn’t have a trauma center or specialty hospital capable of treating you, Travel MedEvac will take you to the best hospital capable of treating you CLOSEST TO YOUR HOME. Expat Mexico residents are covered directly from their Mexico resident city.

The owners of International Insurance Group (IIG) partnered with Mark Jones, owner of Air Ambulance Worldwide (AAW) to create the very best air evacuation membership program for American and Canadian travelers and expats who travel throughout North America (Canada, U.S. and Mexico), the Caribbean and Central America; where 90% of Americans and Canadians travel each year.

AAW and their elite network of an additional 50+ aircraft keep air ambulances strategically positioned throughout the U.S.A. and Mexico 24 / 7. The aircraft are constantly rotating so when you need transport, we are always ready to dispatch.  When you call with a claim, the person with whom you are speaking is not just an answering service who has to track someone down to call you back and authorize your claim and bid out your flight, you are speaking with a qualified professional who will handle your entire claim from “Hello” to your receiving hospital.

Travel MedEvac has Daily Plans, Classic Plans for trips throughout the year of 90 days or less; Extended Stay plans for snowbirds spending up to 183 days a year in their vacation home (also covers all other short trips throughout the year); and Expat Plans for Canadian or American citizens staying 184 days or more in a foreign residence within Travel MedEvac's network of 40 countries.


Daily Plans


Starting at just $6 a day, Travel MedEvac Daily Plans offer protection when your travel is anywhere from 2 days to 30 days. Peace of mind with air medical transport to your home hospital of choice should you be hospitalized more than 150 miles from home. Anyone 84 years of age and under is eligible to apply for enrollment.

Classic Plan


Travel MedEvac Classic Plans are ideal for those who travel several times throughout the year where each trip is less than 90 consecutive days. Annual memberships provide significant savings over daily plans and offer flexible terms.

Choose our most popular plan, a five (5) year term, and receive enhanced benefits which include pet return, disabled vehicle driver return, emergency ambulance and visiting grandchildren air medical transport.



The Travel MedEvac Extended Stay plan is ideal for snowbirds or anyone residing away from home for up to 183 days during the year in the Travel MedEvac service area of nearly 40 countries. Extended-Stay plan also includes services for shorter trips throughout the year when not residing for an extended period of time away from home. A popular choice for snowbirds and Canadians who may be living as part-time residents outside their home country for an extended period.

ExPat Plan


Designed for American and Canadian expatriates living outside the United States or Canada or those residing or traveling for an extended period of time away from home for over 183 consecutive days in the Travel MedEvac service area of nearly 40 countries. These plans offer flexible options to choose from including, one (1) year, three (3) and five (5) year terms.