Who Is Travel MedEvac?

Travel MedEvac was created by a partnership between International Insurance Group (IIG) and Air Ambulance Worldwide (AAW). IIG has been serving the insurance needs of travelers to Mexico since 1999, issuing over 100,000 policies each year. AAW is a highly certified (EUREMI) air ambulance company performing over 400 transports annually. With a combined 44 years of experience, the partners of  Travel MedEvac provide the best possible air ambulance emergency plans available on the market today!


The owners of International Insurance Group (IIG) partnered with Mark Jones, owner of Air Ambulance Worldwide (AAW) to create the very best air evacuation membership program for American and Canadian travelers and expats who travel throughout North America (Canada, U.S. and Mexico), the Caribbean and Central America; where 90% of Americans and Canadians travel each year.

AAW and their elite network of an additional 50+ aircraft keep air ambulances strategically positioned throughout the U.S.A. and Mexico 24 / 7. The aircraft are constantly rotating so when you need transport, we are always ready to dispatch.  When you call with a claim, the person with whom you are speaking is not just an answering service who has to track someone down to call you back and authorize your claim and bid out your flight, you are speaking with a qualified professional who will handle your entire claim from “Hello” to your receiving hospital.

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Dr. Kolletis and RN
Pilatus PC12 Aircraft Interior with a Air Ambulance set-up and Photography by Randy Smith