Whether you are traveling or living away from home, Travel MedEvac
is the PREMIUM air ambulance insurance plan that brings you HOME!






Travel MedEvac Insurance Benefits and Additional Services

Wherever you may travel throughout the world a Travel MedEvac premium medical evacuation plan may be the single most important coverage you should obtain when traveling.

We do not restrict medical evacuation to the “nearest adequate facility” as other plans do. “Nearest Adequate Facility” limitations found in other plans could leave you far from home, in foreign countries, away from your doctors, away from your healthcare network and away from your family. Travel MedEvac brings you to your home hospital of choice where you can get the continued care you need, where you want it, from your trusted hospital and doctors.

If you are traveling more than 150 miles from your home throughout the world, or a non-U.S. resident or Expat plan holder traveling outside your home country, and you are admitted to a hospital for a serious or critical injury or illness and you are in need of a medical evacuation, our partner, Air Ambulance Worldwide will manage your medical evacuation utilizing a highly accredited network of experienced air ambulance providers to bring you home.


Air Medical Transport to Your Home Hospital of Choice:

Your Hospital, Your Doctors, Your Health Network. Travel MedEvac plans include Air Medical Transport every step of the way.

Ground Ambulance Transport from Hospital-to-Hospital:

Your Air Medical Transport includes ground ambulance transfers from the receiving hospital where you are being transported to the accepting hospital where you will be admitted.

Return of Dependents:

If you are hospitalized and air medically transported back home, Travel MedEvac will pay for a one-way commercial flight back home for the insured’s minor children or dependents included on the plan with an escort as needed.

Visitor Transportation:

If you are traveling alone, are hospitalized and too unstable to fly and doctors indicate you can’t be transported within 7 days, Travel MedEvac will provide roundtrip commercial air to a person of your choice to fly to the nearest commercial airport to visit you in the hospital.

Return of Stranded Vehicle, RV and Watercraft:

Travel MedEvac will cover expenses to return your vehicle, RV, travel trailer, motorcycle or watercraft used on your trip if you are transported by air medical ambulance to your home hospital of choice. In some instances and based on location, transport may require a family or friend to legally transport your vehicle across international borders.

Disabled Driver Vehicle/RV/Watercraft Return:

If you are traveling and not hospitalized but do become medically incapacitated to an extent which prevents you from driving for more than seven days, Travel MedEvac will cover expenses for the return of the vehicle in the same manner as someone who is hospitalized with a serious injury or illness.

Transport and Repatriation of Mortal Remains:

Should you pass away while traveling more than 150 miles from home, we will cover reasonable expenses for returning your remains.

Transport of Traveling Companion or Family Members:

Your traveling companion or family member will be transported with you every step of the way if you are medically evacuated. In some instances due to a patient’s condition or other restriction, a companion or family member may not be permitted to join the air medical transport. Travel MedEvac will however cover the cost of commercial transportation to the nearest commercial airport to the hospital where you are transferred for your spouse, companion, children and dependents on your plan.