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Ana Fernandez

After spending her childhood constantly moving between Venezuela, Great Britain and Canada, Ana’s family finally settled in Canada in 1965, making Toronto their home for a few years. Eventually, as an adult, she moved to beautiful British Columbia. Surviving more time than she cares to admit in the bone chilling cold of Northern BC, she headed south in 2011 to begin spending winters in sunny Mazatlan. In the summer Ana returns to Canada to visit family and friends.

“In my life’s journey I have learned to be flexible, patient and try not to sweat the small stuff. Of course, ageing has helped a lot with this enlightenment! I enjoy giving back to the community and, in both Mazatlan and Victoria, I try to find time to spend on worthy causes that are close to my heart.”

A few years ago, Ana became a sales representative for what was then the best air ambulance membership plan available on the market. In the fall of 2015, after two years in development, a new player entered the scene, offering a program that is unique and particularly targeted to the growing number of Mexico (and points south) travellers. International Insurance Group (IIG) partnered with Air Ambulance Worldwide (AAW) to create Travel MedEvac LLC.

Travel MedEvac Insurance (TME) is now the only comprehensive air evacuation insurance program available and their main focus is Mexico. They also offer GLOBAL plans. Ana chose to join TME because, first and foremost, their program will take you home if your medical condition is SERIOUS instead of CRITICAL, as the previous company requires.  That may appear a fine line but, when it is you in a medical emergency and you prefer to get back home even if you are in a hospital that is treating you perfectly well, this could make all the difference in the world!

“I am here to serve the needs of Mexico bound snowbirds and will always strive to ensure that I have the very best products and services available for them. I look forward to serving my community for many years to come!”

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Yvon Marier

Yvon was born in Quebec, Canada and grew up speaking French and English. He joined the military when he was 17 years old as an Artillery Man and went on to become part of the Airborne regiment. One day, while participating in an exercise, Yvon’s parachute did not deploy as expected and he fell to the earth breaking numerous bones and resulting in many months of hospitalizations and rehabilitation. After recuperating from this traumatic event, he became a military photographer until he retired after 21 years of service. Even after retirement, he continued to work as a civilian photographer for another 11 years.

Over the years, Yvon’s businesses have included wedding and sports photography, White Dove release for ceremonial occasions and as a sales representative. Photography remains a passion and is still his hobby. Landscape and nature are his specialities.

“I enjoy capturing the beautiful sunsets in Mazatlán, along with many ocean views. I am also a huge animal lover and support several non-profit animal rescue/rehabilitation groups.”

Currently, Yvon and his wife, Annie, spend winters in Mazatlán and summers in Alberta, Canada. He became involved in the air evac several years ago when he noticed medical evacuation was becoming a big demand in Mexico, US and Canada. More and more travellers were having serious accidents/injuries or getting critically ill. And many of them have no idea that they have limited or no coverage under their medical insurance plan until it is too late.

“I strongly believe Travel MedEvac  will provide excellent services, at a time when travellers, snow birds and expats are becoming more aware of the need of medical evacuation.”